Dreaming Rodin 

by John Michael Flynn

Thoughtful, hopeful, at times gritty and comical, this short story collection delights in examining the lives of humble characters in oddball but everyday circumstances.

There is an old-fashioned honesty in Flynn's work that reflects our common humanity. The author mirrors the commonplace, the foibles, and struggles of individuals seeking ways to resolve inevitable crises and disturbances.

Several of the stories delve into the relationship between mother and son. “Pluto on Sundays” is a disturbing story of a child becoming lost in his fantasy world, to the detriment of his relationship with his mother. In “Where the Mountains are Tinged with Silver," there is a wonderful description of Nora, an ageing woman, whose son pays a visit.

The writing is firm and poetic throughout, creating a total collection that is a rare gem from start to finish.   Read EXCERPT HERE.

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"There's something dazzling about how Flynn brings characters to life in Dreaming Rodin. How he gets outsiders just right. How he evokes beauty and isolation, tragedy and triumph, in language that sings and begs us to sing along, too."

Alyson Hagy

Author of Boleto

"Flynn is an author who pays attention to the details. With each story, I felt as though I'd moved into town and set up camp with his characters. Vivid and engaging, it's a pleasure to add this collection to my shelf."

Kristen-Paige Madonia

Author of Fingerprints of You