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Publerati operates as a traditional press and promotes increased access to literary fiction through the publication of unique works as reasonably-priced paperbacks and ebooks, while paying our authors higher royalty rates than most publishers and charging them nothing upfront.

We utilize new technologies such as print-on-demand production to allow us to help more authors continue to see their novels published through both traditional and new avenues. All of our paperbacks are priced under $20 and all of our ebooks under $10 to encourage more consumers to try our titles and authors. Several of our novels have received praise from Pulitzer Prize-winning novelists, while others have been well-reviewed in national media.

We donate at least 15% of our proceeds to Worldreader to help them spread literacy in developing countries where physical book distribution is inefficient. Please try any of our titles seen below or within our SHOP section. Thank you!


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The Genizah




Mother Tongue

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