Our Purpose

Publerati promotes increased access to high-quality fiction through the publication of unique works as reasonably-priced ebooks and paperbacks. We operate as a traditional publisher; except we pay our authors no less than 40% of ebook royalties and 20% of paperback royalties received from sales made. We also donate at least 15% of our publisher's share of sales to the Worldreader Organization, along with each title for use with teachers and children in developing nations.


  • Writers deserve to be fairly paid for their difficult work
  • Access to high-quality books should cross all socioeconomic and cultural boundaries
  • Reading is oftentimes best done digitally first; with the books we want to own long-term printed using new on-demand machines
  • Ebooks offer new excitement and hope for reading expansion across the globe, especially in remote areas where it is difficult and expensive to ship printed books.

Videos: Empathy in Action

When you purchase any of our books, we donate no less than 15% of our publisher proceeds to help Worldreader spread literacy. Please take a moment to watch these videos below to see the great work they are doing. Thank you very much!

Make a Difference

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