​The Publerati Collection . . .


It's 1967 in Iowa as Vietnam, drugs, and corporate farming take a toll on rural America. A novel about love and evil and a young man's coming of age.


A fertility doctor who plays God, a mother and daughter locked down miles apart during COVID-19, two entertaining novellas in this sparkling debut.


This exciting historical novel brings to life the Chinese court of Zhu Di, the Yong Le Emperor, who reigned from 1403-1424 and made China a world power.


From the author of One Night Two Souls Went Walking, Thanksgiving serves up history in an entertaining way. One house. One family. 350 years.


We pick up the Normal Family saga with more amusing and tragic events involving the entire  family as Henry reaches middle age. Volume Two.


A married woman must choose between love and family duty in this modern morality tale featuring beautiful writing.


From the author of A Tailor's Needle and other works, comes a witty story collection that will transport you to India from the comfort of your seat.


An eccentric family comes unglued over the holidays in this coming-of-age saga, with tender moments surrounded by hilarity. Volume One.


Beautifully written  stories featuring an oddball cast  of amusing characters that will stay with you long after you finish reading.


Three generations of women come to terms with a murder in the family that changed everything in this debut novel from the author of Birds of Wonder.


An alleged miracle at a corrupt nursing home gives new hope to a struggling Iraq war veteran in this philosophical novel filled with pathos and humor.


The final volume of the Normal Family Trilogy brings the family together for Henry's 80th birthday on a remote New England island, with a hurricane looming. Will they survive this latest storm?