marriages are made in india

by Lakshmi Raj Sharma

Travel to India from the comfort of your ebook with this delightful collection of stories. Mr. Sharma’s stories combine subtle humor with deep empathy for the human condition, where his rich cast of characters rarely get what they seek but push forward as they necessarily must. Witty, fun, and full of the wonderful imagery of India, these stories are sure to entertain and inform readers looking to escape via the literary imagination of a master storyteller.

Mr. Sharma's novel The Tailor's Needle, published by Penguin in India, has received the following praise, which captures much of the charm of this story collection as well: Gis Hoyle, a novelist and reviewer, observes that in the novel "The whole is held together by a gently mocking and yet ultimately compassionate narrative voice, which gives the reader a brief and enchanting glimpse into a world now gone, with all its faults – and all that might be loved in it, too."   Read EXCERPT HERE.

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Praise for Marriages are Made in India

​"I totally loved this book. It was not at all what I expected from the title but I was curious enough to look at the first chapter. Following that, I wanted to know more and was captivated by the people within. Every chapter was a story in itself, and every story was different in style and intrigue. At times I felt like the fly on the wall peeping in on private lives. It made me laugh and it made me feel sad. It also ran true to the real lives of every day people and I believe I could see myself in some of the personalities. This book could be given as a gift for any occasion, especially to the one who finds it difficult to handle reading much at a given time. The short condensed stories flow to life and carry you away then end, all in one chapter. At times you wish you could read more but by then you are caught up in the next story and just want to find out what happens where you are. Wonderful reading!"

Amazon Review

​"A thoroughly enjoyable read! I loved learning about the Indian culture via these stories. The writing style is casual with perfect flow and subtle touches of humor, which makes the stories and people feel real. I'd recommend this book to anyone who enjoys contemporary romance with some interesting cultural flair!"

Amazon Review