Publerati Partners with the Worldreader Organization to Spread Literacy

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Publerati Partners with the Worldreader Organization to Spread Literacy

I am very pleased to announce that Publerati has signed an agreement with the non-profit Worldreader Organization to provide all our ebooks for free in developing nations on their special Kindles and ordinary feature (non-smart) phones. In addition, Publerati will donate no less than 5% of our net proceeds to the Worldreader Organization to help fund their efforts.
What does this mean for ebook readers? It means that those who are lucky enough to live in nations with high literacy rates and access to e-readers, now can help support the spread of literacy to those who are less fortunate simply by reading Publerati ebooks. Every time someone who can afford to pay $2.99 for one of our ebooks does so, she/he will in turn help fund our ability to acquire, edit, and market new works of fiction that can then be made available for free in Africa, India, and elsewhere. This serves our primary mission of opening access for new fiction around the globe for both talented writers and deserving readers.
I like to think of this model as the “museum” model, whereby those who pay “admission” do so knowing they are also helping others gain free access.
Ebooks offer a new way to spread literacy given their unique digital sharing abilities. Through the efforts of people like David Risher at Worldreader, leading socially-conscious companies including Amazon and Dropbox donate the necessary technology to enable e-reading. It is then up to the authors and publishers of the world to make the content available.
Please help us help others who are less fortunate simply by buying and enjoying our fiction on ebooks.  It’s a win-win. Thank you very much. Please share this on Facebook and join the conversations from around the world happening on our Facebook page.

— Caleb Mason, Founder & Publisher

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