Tatiana's Wedding 

by Cynthia A. Robinson

Middle-aged Delfina's life has been indelibly marked by her mother's violent death at the hands of Delfina's father when she was a young girl.

Her grandmother's terminal illness occasions the sudden reappearance of her father, provoking a series of quietly shattering revelations that will permanently alter Delfina's perceptions of herself and others.

Tatiana's Wedding probes the intricate tensions and silences that underlie family relationships, tempering unflinching examinations of the scars left by violence and loss with subtle celebrations of compromise, forgiveness, and passion.

In language that digs deep inside, and utilizing a fascinating storytelling structure, Tatiana's Wedding is sure to delight readers who enjoy an interesting tale well told.

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Praise for Tatiana's Wedding

"Fascinating, dark, and deeply intelligent, Tatiana's Wedding introduces a fine new voice in fiction, Cynthia A. Robinson."

Leslie Daniels

Author of Cleaning Nabokov's House (Simon & Schuster)

​"I was reminded of a book I read a few years ago called Evening by Susan Minot. This book is a winner and nothing but 5 stars will do..."

Yahoo Voices

"...a remarkable debut novel that takes complex and uncomfortable situations and puts them into a prose that warms and entices."

I Buried My Nose in a Good Book blog